Waste for Life has two ongoing projects in Lesotho and Argentina. We have many collaborators in both countries, but the ultimate beneficiaries of our work are the cooperative members (from the Maseru Aloe Multipurpose Cooperative Union in Lesotho and the cartonero cooperatives Argentina) who we have worked alongside since 2006.

Project : Sri Lanka

Project : Argentina

Angeles Estrada Vigil and Mariana Massigoge teach in the Industrial Design department at theUniversity of Buenos Aires and have taken the lead outside support roles for the Cooperativa Nueva Mente project,…….

Project : Lesotho

Thimothy Thamae coordinated the efforts in Lesotho from his base in Kingston, Ontario but has returned to Lesotho to take up a professorship at the National University and lead our project with the Maseru Aloe Multi-Purpose Cooperative Union.

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Waste for Life’s work is supported by international teams of university faculty and student researchers

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