Standing People Together Program

Standing People Together is a new constituent-led grassroots program of Waste for Life based in Sullivan County, NY.

It emerges from years of experience working alongside people with minimal civic voice, those who are scorned by power – be they communities desiccated by HIV/AIDS in Lesotho or ransacked by mining in Andean Peru; generationally unemployed single mothers in Liverpool or ambulatory waste pickers in Argentina; abhorred indigenous students in Australia or trauma-laden war survivors in Sri Lanka. Amidst all of this, We have learned to learn from below and are bringing that learning back to our home community in the US.

The Waste for Life team believes that broad and equal access to society’s resources is the foundational attribute of a just society. Our work is value-driven because it is underpinned by this principle as well as those of solidarity, cooperative interchange, and an ethics of care. It is political because we put these values into action.

More details to follow . . .